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Looking for the best Instagram GIF stickers for your brand and products? You've come to the right team. These new social media marketing tools are a subtle way to convey brand personality, offer brand-safe marketing materials to brand partners and to engage your community, and we're here to help you leverage them to your success. We could go on, but a picture is worth a thousand words. See below for some of our recent Instagram GIF work. Click the icons to be redirected to the brands’ respective GIPHY channels and explore the diversity of Instagram GIF stickers!

Calyx Wellness
High Key
East Coast Lifestyle
Flatbush Zombies
Kyle Cover Spreads
Top Tree
6ix Buzz
Kushy Punch
437 Swim
Each & Every
Wonder Brett
Shawn Frank
Lund Beatz
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Pricing Plans

We can create 10 custom GIFS on Instagram for a range of budgets. See our pricing plans below and choose the one that's right for you!


Basic 2D Illustrations and Animation
GIPHY Channel Setup
30 Min Creative Consultation and a Revision via Email
Video Sticker GIFS
Video Chat Revision
10 simple gifs
View Example


Detailed Illustrations and Standard Animation
GIPHY Channel Setup
1 hour Creative Consultation and a Revision via Video Chat
Video Sticker GIFS
also available at $900 for 5
View Example


Complex Illustrations and Animation
GIPHY Channel Setup
2D and 3D GIFS Available
1 hour Creative Consultation and 1-2 Revisions via Video Chat
Multiple Variations for V1 Revision
Video Sticker GIFS
also available at $1300+ for 5
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Expert Creative

Our founder has been designing GIFs from the beginning of her journey in digital design and online brand building. With over 500 uploads and 4 billion views, the minds behind New Future Creative aren’t just creators, but also users. We know our product and the power that it has to engage follower communities because we have been making GIFs for Instagram since the beginning.

Style Chameleon

Designing cute GIFs for Instagram is one thing - having it in the right style to perfectly match your brand is another. Digital assets speak for your brand, which is why we work hard to make sure that the creative brief is hit spot-on from the first conversation. We are happy to work with brand guides and Creative Directors to visualize and talk through those important details. At the end of the day, the goal is to seamlessly represent your brand’s essence in the best Instagram GIF stickers possible. All that we need from you is inspiration and communication!

Versatile Assets

When considering GIFs, the first thing that comes to mind are all of the cute GIFs on Instagram. Bubbly hearts, weekday labels, a smiling sun. But these digital assets aren’t limited only to use on Instagram and other social media channels like TikTok, Tinder, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat. GIF stickers can also be used on websites (like ours!) as well as tools like email marketing campaigns to liven up your messaging.
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